Your Comprehensive Social Media Solution

There are many aspects to consider when managing your social media pages: posting, growing, engaging, advertising, etc. We help you manage your pages so you can place your focus elsewhere.


General Management Package: 

This is by far our most popular package. This package is the one stop shop. We manage all aspects of your social media presence, as well as offer consistent creative consulting with your goals and brand personality in mind. We manage all of the following: 

  • Posts

    • Writing copy

    • Curating content

    • Photo editing with Adobe Lightroom

    • Post scheduling with Hootsuite

  • Fast Organic Growth 

    • Benefit from our knowledge of the Instagram algorithm, as we target your audience through various techniques and make them aware of your brand​.

  • Analysis 

    • We report on a combination of Instagram analytics, Hootsuite analytics, and our own spreadsheets.​ Then, we offer a suggested course of action based on our findings.

  • Advertising 

    • We build your target audience through hashtag and influencer research to create the most effective "Promoted Post" on Instagram or Facebook. We also advise on the strategy of the content.​

  • Campaign Management

    • We help design and implement campaigns as well as track the results.​

  • Engaging (liking, commenting, etc.)

    • We respond to comments and messages, as well as engage with your audience's posts to cultivate a relationship.​

  • Brand Exposure 

    • We guarantee to increase your brand influence and increase your reach immediately.​

  • Weekly Progress Reports with an optional meeting included

    • We stay updated with your brand, report results, and discuss future strategy to achieve short and long-term goals. ​Working with SocialPoint is collaborative and we love creating an open dialogue about our strategic proposals.

  • General PR Consulting​​

    • Part of your brand's success is its image. We give you tips on how to put your brand's best foot forward online.​

  • Access to our referral network of content creators.​

    • Through past client work, working with influencers, as well as being influencers ourselves, we have developed a network of skilled photographers and content creators worldwide. ​Our network is strongest in the Northeast and West Coast of the US. 

  • Influencer Marketing Campaign Management​

    • We ​handle the acquisition of influencers for your goal and coach you through the "new" process of Influencer Marketing.

Social Media Guide & Consultation

Creating your brand's online "personality" can be a challenge. We use our marketing expertise to help you develop your brand's online identity based on your customer demographic,  industry, and goals. Whether you have a new company or are part of a saturated industry that needs to have a disruptive approach, we will help you stand out online. 


Social Media Branding Guide & Consult:

This package includes an initial 30 minute phone consult, the creation of a social media / online branding guide for you and your company to keep, and a follow up phone consult to go over the guide and strategy for your brand. The Social Media Guide, or Online Branding Guide (whichever you choose as your focus), is an in depth instruction manual of how to portray your image in your online endeavors. We go over elements like post type, color schemes, written content tone, target influencer accounts, and much more. With our guide, you will have a clear set of standards for anyone that might be operating the account, whether it's us, you the business owner, or one of your employees.

60 Minute Phone Consult:

With this option, we consult with you and your team for an entire hour, sharing with you our already prepared ideas and strategies for your brand online. Topics can include brand development, growth strategy, industry disruption, creative direction, etc. Focus of the call will be determined by you in prior email exchange. 

Website Design

Need to update your website design, or need a site designed from scratch? We can help. We design websites using that are beautifully sleek, professional, and memorable.


From Scratch Website Design:

This package is a complete jumpstart of your businesses website. This includes branding consultation and advice for your website, assistance writing copy, domain assistance, and overall website design. We offer you as much creative control in the process as you desire. Our goal is simply to bring your website vision to life.

Website Redesign:

If you already have an existing website, but feel it is getting outdated, or just needs a new look, this is the package for you. We will consult with you about the new direction that you want to go with your website, offering branding advice if its desired. We will then transfer the content from your previous website into a completely new design. Once the site is finished and approved we will connect your domain to that site in a seamless transition.

*We are flexible in what we are able to offer. If you want to combine services, or have another social media or branding related service in mind, feel free to reach out. If it is within our expertise and ability, then we can give you a quote.

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